Vision of Faith Home (VOFH) is situated in Bungoma County in Western Kenya. It is run by Mr. Wycliffe Khagula and His wife Jane. Three of their adult children James, Elsie and Annie have also moved back to the home to help run the home and raise the kids.

Thousands of children in Bungoma County (as is the case in many parts of Kenya) live without their biological families for a variety of reasons including:

1. Parents separating

2. Domestic violence and neglect

3. Loss of parents due to war or natural catastrophes

4. Disease especially HIV/ AIDS

These children need love, care and a place to call home. The Goal of Vision of Faith Home is to quickly identify such children, adopt them and nurture them by providing them with food, clothing, a loving family and a stable home.

Vision of Faith Home is currently home to 44 adopted children ranging in age from 3 to 18 years.  Vision of Faith Home also provides meals, clothing, free schooling and free day care services to needy children from single parent homes. These children arrive in the morning and spend their day at the Vision of Faith Home Compound. They attend school, get two meals and go home in the evening.

Vision of Faith Home is both a non-governmental and non-profit organization. It relies heavily on charitable donations and has a lot of need.

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